A fishy Situation

SNP divisions over EU membership have spilled into the open as senior Nat MPs defy Sturgeon to sign a pledge to break with EU.

Pro-EU membership, but anti-CFP? Incompatible positions…who is Dr Whiteford MP lying to?

Mike Weir (Angus) and Eilidh Whiteford (Banff & Buchan) have both signed pledges to keep Scotland out of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). Given CFP is fundamental to EU rules, we have the stunning situation of senior Nat MPs effectively backing brexit publicly. Yet even more surprising is the fact that Mr Weir is the SNP chief whip in Westminster.

A strange situation indeed, where we have the SNP opposing CFP in local areas, yet supporting EU membership nationally. Both positions can’t be official nat policy, not least because they are mutually incompatible. Put it directly: if you’re in the EU, you’re hooked into the CFP.

“The nationalists can’t have it both ways – if you’re in the EU, you have to be in the CFP too.

“It underlines the hypocrisy at the heart of the SNP when it comes to Brexit matters”-Murdo Fraser MSP

The pledge signed by the two SNP MPs states explicitly that they would oppose any policy, practice or regulation which would return Scotland to the auspices of the CFP.

“We must avoid any policy, practice, regulation or treaty which could return us to the Common Fisheries Policy and the enforced giveaway of almost two-thirds of our fish stocks”

So is SNP chief whip Mike Weir lying to his constituents? Or is Sturgeon’s pro-EU membership policy being openly rejected by her own MPs?

But not willing to be accused of hypocrisy Dr Whiteford defended her actions by claiming it had always been SNP policy to “take Scotland out of the CFP”. If this is sincerely what she thinks, then she is totally ignorant of EU rules. But I think it much more likely she’s been caught facing both ways, and lying to her electorate.

He says CFP is a catastrophe, but he’d still keep Scotland in it…

While the SNP would take Scotland out of the UK (64% of our exports) to stay in the EU (15% of our exports)…they’d also deny Scottish fishermen the chance to escape the clutches of CFP.

Scotland really does deserve better than this shower of janus-faced hypocrites.


  1. There is no reason why we cannot be in the EU with a different deal on fisheries. Whilst I agree there is a CFP there is no reason why we cannot negotiate our own arrangements. The UK negotiated specifics when it entered the EU many years ago and recently Cameron got changes made to EU rules to accomodate UK. So to suggest that the EU is rigid on the CFP is plainly ridiculous.

    Whilst it may appear to be a contentious issue, I don’t believe it actually is.

    Just more bullshit from the tory propaganda machine.


    • Sorry to disappoint you, but if a new accession state is joining, they need to commit to the CFP. Scotland would be obliged to join.

      It is enshrined in the treaty of lisbon that conservation is one of the exclusive competencies of the EU commission. Thus Scotland would need to fully accept the CFP, since new members are subject to post lisbon rules.

      Furthermore, the name of the policy COMMON fisheries should give you a clue that it is a policy designed to extend across all member-states, enforcing standardised rules, policies and regulations. It isn’t something to be pick-and-mixed like you imply.

      But nice attempt to explain away the blatant SNP hypocrisy on this issue.


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