The SNP shark thrives on forward movement

With a majority of Scots opposing Nicola Sturgeon’s crusade for yet another separation referendum, it’s more important than ever to send her a message.

Sturgeon will learn that ‘no’ voters aren’t sheep

The Herald revealed that 53% of Scots agree with Mrs May, this is not the time for indyref2. This is followed up by growing evidence that support for separation is also on the slide across Scotland; a poll for the Scotsman showing 60% opposing SNP plans to break up Britain. It is clear that Sturgeon’s grand gamble on the back of brexit has proven a strategic error. She had assumed that Scotland voting to remain, and rUK voting leave would drive up separatist sentiments. Sadly for her (but joyfully for our country) the opposite is clearly the case.

The general election is a golden opportunity to tell the SNP straight: we said no, and we meant it.

Looking across the range, it is perhaps the fully knowledge of her error in pulling the trigger in an unpopular second separation vote that has Sturgeon running for cover. And running for cover she is, if the tone and shrill rhetoric of her GE17 campaign thus far is anything to judge by. Her minister Keith Brown has proclaimed that our election is “Scotland  against the toarries”. Nippy and her ministerial gang doesn’t care that according to new polling as much as 33% of her fellow countrymen are now “toarries”. To their mentality, if you are a Tory, you are no longer Scottish. Such is the divisiveness and bitterness of their worldview.

Perhaps Nicola Sturgeon is increasingly aware of all of this? Perhaps this is why she’s desperately trying to put her indyref2 genie back into its bottle? The Telegraph is reporting Sturgeon pretending that GE17 isn’t about her unwanted separation referendum. But she won’t be fooling Scots anymore. Salmond might have pulled off the idea that a ‘no’ voter could vote Nat in elections without voting for separation; but that myth is exposed. If anyone votes SNP in any election, they’re allowing the SNP to use their electoral gains as justification for unwanted indyref pushes. Sturgeon cannot decouple GE17 from her attempt to force yet another separation referendum on Scots.

The SNP relies on the lie that separation is just around the corner, that it is inevitable even. This has led to a frightening (almost Orwellian) level of discipline inside the SNP. Their elected officials are forbidden to even criticise established party policies. Such vice-like grip over party members and elected officials is bound to start unravelling once their grievance machine starts losing.

In many ways the SNP are like a shark, they need to keep moving onto the next victory. This GE is a golden opportunity to sink that momentum, and to push the nationalists into reverse gear. Time to vote Tory, time to deliver a bloody nose to the SNP.


  1. “We said no, and we mean’t it”. Don’t think that was a good choice of words on your behalf. Then again you just spout the tosh coming from your leaders, so what does one expect.

    The referendum mandate has already been determined by the last Holyrood election and by passing a vote in Pairlament so part your above story appears to be misleading.

    As far as the GE is concerned I would expect the toadies to get at least 10 seats given they have roughly 30% of the vote. Still SNP will get 40+ a comfortable majority I would say.


    • Not a good choice of words? According to the last poll, 60% of Scots would vote ‘no’ in indyref2. Scotland rejected it once, and we’re all wishing the Nats would get back to their day job and actually govern. But given the sorry neglected state of Holyrood recently, the SNP have no plans to turn around the failing education system they’re presiding over.


      • You deliberately missed the point. “We said No and we meant it” is a direct reference to women saying No to sex.
        As far as the rest of your reply is concerend it’s just tory tosh.


  2. Whilst I’m here I may as well leave this

    and this

    See even people in “the other part of the Union” that you so love and want to be a part of, don’t agree with tory policy. They even find it hard to work out why anyone in Scotland would vote tory at the GE.

    Maybe you can explain it? Just why would anyone vote tory when they know they are going to get shafted?


    • Scottish school kids, and poor families are currently getting “shafted” (to quote your colourful language) under the SNP. A poor kid in Scotland is less likely to go on to higher education than their English counterpart. The gap between poor kids accessing higher education & kids from wealthier backgrounds has grown under your Nat regime.

      Makes me wonder why anyone would vote SNP. They don’t seem to care much about real bread and butter issues. It’s been 6 months since they even bothered to debate the sorry state of education on government time in Holyrood!


    • Wings over Scotland? You’re citing that trash site as evidence? That isn’t a valid source of evidence citation. Sorry, but I’ll respond when you offer something serious. Not some echo-chamber SNP supporters blog with a long history of vile abuse on twitter.


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