Rise of the toe-rags

Labour has been suffering the same plight as most centre-left political movements across Europe, in that it struggles to find any relevance whatsoever.

“most of the UKIP people are either people who haven’t voted or have flipped in a radical way from Labour. They are toe-rags, basically. They are the bloke who nicks your bike.

No, seriously, that’s who it is, it’s the bloke who does all the anti-social things.”- Paul Mason

When close allies of the Labour leadership are flaunting views like this, is it any wonder Labour have sunk to third place behind Tory and UKIP among working class voters?

New polling from YouGov puts Labour on 20%, behind the Tories on 39% and UKIP on 23%. Who knew that calling working class voters thieves and social disorders would lead them to abandon your party? Perhaps Mr Mason best captures what has gone sadly wrong with the Labour party. A curious mix of shocking intellectual leftist condescension interlaced with abuse if you dare to disagree. Like all leftist parties, they honestly see themselves as more moral than centre-rightist parties. That left-liberal political snobbery is what leads ‘the working class party’ calling ordinary voters ‘toe -rags’ who’d steal from you.

It’s characteristic of the wider leftist malaise, they can’t conceptualise why voters aren’t giving them their vote in elections. In their intellectual ivory towers (in Labour’s case fashionable Islington) they lash out instead of analyse themselves in the mirror.

Even the SNP are guilty of this, when not labelling 23% of Scots as scum for voting Scots Tory they’re implying 55% of voters were too stupid to realise they’d been “duped”.

Same leftist pattern on show: first disbelief, then ridicule finally followed by abuse. Almost like an identity crisis patient that never gets to the acceptance stage. To Labour working class voters going UKIP or Tory are thieves. To the SNP Scots voting Tory are selfish gits and ‘no’ voters generally are thick.

Looking out across Europe we’re seeing the same pattern, as giants of the political left collapse. In Greece the socialist party no longer really registers a heartbeat. Germany’s social democratic left have been out of power for a decade and showing no signs of being closer to power. In Spain the PSOE have a a collection of odd balls in PODEMOS nipping their heels.

It’s worth at this point reminding yourself of ‘toe-rag’ dictionary definition. “contemptible or worthless person”.  They call voters worthless, and wonder why their political offerings are failing each electoral test. Presumably the concept of a patriotic working class is lost on the fools leading the Labour Party. Their leader won’t even sing the national anthem, is it any wonder his mates show such scorn for decent patriotic working class voters?

As Ruth continues to lead the Scots right back to relevance, we’re all willing to say its now our time. No longer willing to accept the stale offerings from the left who thinks so little of us. Us voters are now standing up: the rise of the toe-rags.


  1. I seem to remember Ruth commenting on how Scots aren’t invited anywhere nice because of the fear of things being stolen. Similar arrogant attitude to ordinary voters.


  2. Ruth Davidson, at an event attended by PM May, and fully reported in the press, said –

    “I’m delighted we have such spectacular surroundings. Usually they put the Scots in a place where nothing can be broken. Or stolen for that matter.”

    One Google search will confirm the veracity of this. You will not be able to quote anything like that from a senior SNP figure about Scots or voters

    Get off you high horse you plank.


    • I think you can tell the difference between a joke and a highly offensive political theory delivered in a lecture hall.

      Get off your soap-box you plank.


  3. “It was just a joke” ….. The defence of the indefensible throughout all time. When your opponent does it its offensive. When you do it its a joke. The Tory party is routinely offensive to the majority for voters in Scotland by declaring that they are duped and deceived by the SNP and the greens and are too thick to notice. Murdo Fraser’s Twitter account alone can serve as evidence for that

    Where are your concrete examples of what you have said about the SNP above? I’m not defending anyone who is contemptuous about their own or other voters. You provide a quote from Paul Mason, then basically say the SNP are just the same without providing evidence.

    By the way, I’m not a member of the SNP, nor do I have a soap box. I will admit to a lifelong dislike of Tories and all they stand for.

    Ruth Davidon craving the approval of her English masters by pandering to their contempt for Scotland is not a joke. It’s what you Tories do.


  4. Still waiting for anything substantive from you about Scottish Tory policies on anything important at all.
    You’re pretty good at self righteous garbage about everybody else, but have nothing to say about what the Ruth Davidson for a strong opposition party would actually do about anything except follow the London fascist xenophobic fantasy of return to Empire.
    Come on give us something better, so we can really tear it to bits,


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