Sturgeon is offering us a non-sequitur on ‘Brexit’ & ‘Indyref2’

Following the ‘Brexit’ vote, Nicola Sturgeon rushed out to try and conscript EUref remainer voters into her ‘movement’ for separation. But in so doing, she has exposed her fundamental misunderstanding of her audience.

I am one among many who voted ‘no’ to independence, and ‘remain’ in the EUref. I did so because I believe (and continue to believe) that Scotland is stronger and has her capacities enhanced when it is apart of something bigger. The Union with England has provided Scotland with access to markets, financial underwriting and investment which has substantially enhanced our country. Likewise, our membership of the European Union did likewise, adding substantive benefits in a whole range of areas from the internal market to europol.

To someone like myself, it was a matter of obvious consistency to support both ‘better together’ and ‘remain’.

Yet I was, alongside the majority of my fellow Scots, on the losing side of the EUref. It was a hard thing to bare, emotionally scarring moment for a pro-EU 27 year old like myself. For most members of my millennial generation ‘Europe’ was a fact of social, economic and political life.

Enter Sturgeon and the SNP. They positioned themselves to take advantage of such a Brexit outcome. They did this on the – deeply naive – assumption that people in my position could be cajoled into joining her separatist march. It is vital that people like myself stand up and say in no uncertain terms to the Nat government: not in my name.

The problem with the SNP prospectus is that it offers no logical pathway for someone in my position to follow. And let me remind you, the majority of Scots are in my position; no voting remainers.

“There is no such logical, political or, for many of us, personal read-across” –Brian Wilson

It takes a unique mix of self-regard and brass-neck to assume that just because I was on the losing side of the EUref that I’ll simply toss my hat into a ‘united front’ against Brexit.

Firstly, I am in no rush to toss away the one union I did succeed in keeping intact; that is to say the British union; just because I can’t keep my other valued union. How does it make any logical or rational sense? We can’t keep our membership of the EU that I believed in, so I need to also abandon the other union I believe in – which I did succeed in retaining. A bit of a non sequitur surely? Voted for the British union, and the EU union. Won one and lost one. The logical response isn’t to turn round and overturn the first victory that I fought for.

Secondly, as a democratic minded person I’d be guilty of a total hypocrisy if I threw my toys out of the pram because the second of our two crucial referendums didn’t go my way.

That is the thing about referendums when you’re a democrat. You need to take a deep breath and accept the result if you lose it. I celebrated the ‘bettertogether’ victory, and mourned the ‘brexit’ victory. But as a democrat I accept the result: brexit means brexit.

And this is at the heart of Nicola Sturgeon’s increasing woes over her long march to separation: her current strategy relies on a fundamental non-sequitur for people in my position. People in my position are the majority of Scottish voters on this particular question. The SNP shall soon discover that we won’t be changing our minds on the indyref. We believed the British union was important then, and continue to believe it is now. The loss of the EUref does not alter this core reality. It most certainly is not a ‘fundamental change of circumstances’ justifying reopening the independence question against the wishes of the Scottish people. 


  1. It was in the SNP manifesto at the Holyrood election as an example of a fundamental change in circumstances that could lead to an second referendum, and that position is currently supported by the Green Party, and therefore a Holyrood majority. How can you then say “it most certainly is not”?

    Your repeated statement that the majority of people in Scotland are No / Remainers is also wholly unsupported by the research, which shows a much more complex picture. If you want that fully illustrated let me know, and I will come back to you. It’s a bit too lengthy for this comment.

    Anyway, a second referendum would be as much about getting away from being ruled by your bunch of neo fascist racist panderers to Trump as it would be about staying in the EU. Solid Tory support in Scotland is perhaps a little over 20%

    You may be right or wrong about whether the result of a referendum would be different from 2014. If you are right, what are you getting upset about? According to you, you’ll win and crush independence for ever…. Result for the fascists.

    Anyway, I await events with interest. Your lot are making a complete disaster out of the tragedy of the EU vote, a vote bought with lies, racist rhetoric, and intense English nationalism. That’s what I want to get away from.

    I would never have expected to persuade someone like you. I know what you are.

    By the way I’m still waiting for your brilliant exposition of Tory policies for health, education, transport et al in Scotland. See previous threads.


    • “If you are right, what are you getting upset about?”

      The majority of Scots oppose having a second referendum, and the figures show the outcome would be virtually the same.

      Thus #indyref2 is not a priority. What is a priority is dealing with the PISA figures and reversing a decade of education decline under the SNP.


  2. Well Dean at long last you actually wrote something I can relate to. It smacks of some “truthiness” except I concur with @ian the last paragraph is a non sequiteur.

    You have obviously come down on the side of “identity” over governance. Whilst for me it is the opposite. I cannot abide my fellow man being treated so abysmally by WestMonster no matter which country they live in. It just totally disgusts me.

    Neither do I have a problem with right of centre politics but when it is far right fascism then, yes I do have an issue. I would have fought against Hitler, Mussolini and Franco. You don’t seem to recognise this Tory Government is in the same category. I suspect your youth does not help you see the truth of this.

    Indyref2 will be a straight fight between liberty or death under Tory rule. Take your marks.


    • I think it is truly absurd to conflate the Conservative government under Theresa May with National Socialism. It is absurd and frankly an insult to the dead.


      • I wouldn’t have used the Nazi etc analogy, because it gives your the chance to climb on a false moral high horse, but I will stick with far right, nascent fascist and racist as descriptions of the current UK government.

        Let me clarify my position with regard to another independence referendum. I think it is both the highest priority and essential, in order to remove Scotland from that disgusting government. I want to remain in the EU too, but that is secondary to the central objective. Opinion on when and if to have the referendum is still split, but you fall into a hard line 20 – 25% with your “no, never” stance. We will see how it moves.

        We are back with education again. Yes, there are things to be done there, and efforts being made. I will certainly be a critic of the independent Scottish government to come if I feel they are not following the right policies, as I have already been quite a strong critic of the FE policy. In schools, it is too early to tell re Curriculum for Excellence, unless of course you can direct me to non partisan evidence that says otherwise.

        You STILL haven’t told me, after several times of asking, what the Scottish Tory policy for schools and colleges is, and why it would be better, and you now carefully avoid the many other areas where Scotland is doing better than England under the Tories.

        However, let’s be clear- it’s all those that are the side issues and it is becoming clearer by the day that the May government, and Tories in general, are the the true danger to a fair, democratic Scotland. You’ll have your 20 odd percent in a new Scottish Parliament but will not be able to overrule and oppress from London.

        Kangaroo is right about this – you are ignoring the lessons of history, and sneering “that can’t happen again”, when you may be part of making it happen.

        So, Indyref2 is the priority in every possible sense. If it is not held, and won, Scotland will be ruthlessly and systematically crushed by the malign British establishment.


  3. I don’t do Twitter, but I have been following your asinine rants. The destruction of the NHS in England gets no mention. Even the BBC has had to admit that Scottish NHS is best in UK. You really have gone to full ranting Unionist right wing mode now, and are in complete denial about the the shambles that is the UK Tory government.

    Best left to your masturbatory Tory self now Dean. I seem to have been the only person who was willing to engage and discuss with you about your posts on this increasingly pathetic blog (nice visuals, pity about the content)

    I have realise that I would have to wait till hell freezes over for you to actually articulate Tory policy for public services in Scotland, you empty ranting fanboy for the likes of the rancid Murdo Fraser.

    I tried, because Tris originally listed you. He has given up one you too.

    No one is interested in your rubbish now.

    Here is the bugle sounding the last post. Goodbye.

    See you in an independent Scotland.


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