A bright blue 2017?

There is ground for cautious optimism that 2017 might just be the Scottish Tories most important year to date.


One might be forgiven for thinking that nothing could top 2016 from a Scots Tory standpoint, the year where the Holyrood election witnessed Scottish Labour lose a social base, and the Scottish Conservatives rediscover one. Yet it also saw a continued Nat stranglehold across electoral Scotland.

Looking ahead to 2017, there are signs that SNP’s talon-grip on the throat of Scottish politics is set to diminish.

For one thing, we should continue to be heartened by the continued destruction of the Scottish Labour party. They’re set to poll badly in the local elections later this year, and evidence suggests the Scots Tories are the primary beneficiary:

“Of those who voted Labour in last general election, around half won’t do so again with most going to the Tories” –Labour source to Herald

Labour decline points to Tory gain in Scotland, the ‘Unionist’ draw proving potent in the faced of continuing Nat supremacy.

But what makes this even brighter is the wriggle the SNP finds itself in as we enter 2017. Not only have they been on the losing side of two referendums over the last three years, but they’ve found themselves on the wrong side of public opinion. A majority of Scots continue to oppose separation, and a majority don’t even wish to be asked ‘indyref’ again. Put simple, the SNP are caught between their peanut gallery supporters and the wider electorate. This pain can be the gap Unionism can exploit.

Theresa May needs to be sure she doesn’t give the nippie sweetie in Bute House an ‘out’. May should keep the SNP on the hot coals: their penchant for absurd constitutional moaning flies in the face of collapsing domestic services, is hurting ‘brand Nat’.

The railways are in chaos, A&E waiting times frightening, education outcomes crumbling and all the SNP want to talk about is the constitution. Ruth should let them. Their misdirected sense of priority shall be their downfall in the end, and the key to the unionist victory. The whole ‘govern without offending anyone’ style of the SNP is now wearing thin. After a decade in power these failures are all on them; and the ‘blame London’/’blame Labour’ routine isn’t washing the linen anymore.

2017 has the chance to be something brighter. And the evidence shows that for more and more Scots, being ‘Tory’ isn’t a dirty swearword anymore. In fact 1 in 4 Scots are increasingly comfortable being one. The Labour-SNP scare-stories just aren’t working. Thatcher myths are ancient history for people my age; the real debate is about higher taxes under the SNP or lower taxes under Ruth. I know which I’d prefer. It’s about moaning for separation under the SNP or focusing on  domestic challenges under Ruth. It’s about recreating yes/no dividing lines or letting Scotland move on.


  1. So you’ve decided your a britnat then and to hell with your European identity.

    As for your comment on SNP performance well your simply delusional due to the red white and blue stripes in your eyes.

    Tick tock roll on the Supreme Court decision….


    • Precisely what part my assessment of the SNPs domestic record is delusional?

      Worst PISA scores ever recorded. Standards and outcomes a mess, ‘curriculum for excellence’ (ironically titled) has comprehensively failed to deliver.

      A&E – the waiting times are huge, and completely unacceptable.

      College and higher education? College places cut, college teaching hours reduced, college funding slashed.

      Maybe mental healthcare coverage? Ah yeah, if you live north of Dundee there is no provision or coverage in SNPs Scotland.

      And trains. So you’re happy to pay the ticket fare hikes of (peak times) +1.9% and (off peak) +0.9%? Quality service, no problems in your book? I rather think you’re on your own if that’s your view.

      So I ask, honestly, what part of any of this domestic SNP record is good or even passing as barely average? It’s incompetence of the worst order. All the while they’ve put business rates up as the economy slows & joblessness is up…(‘cos nothing creates jobs by increasing the tax burden on businesses).

      If someone is delusional, it sure isn’t me.


  2. Yes, 2017 will be another talked-up success for the Scottish Tories. They will take scores of seats from Labour, who they will then go into coalition with, along with the Lib Dems, wherever it is necessary to keep the SNP away.

    Will this actually accomplish anything? No, it will not. I’m not even convinced Dugdale will resign – there wasn’t even a rumble after May 2016 and that’s clearly more her purview than the councils. How will more Tory councillors help improve the NHS, the schools and so on? All it’ll do is let Ruth score a point here and there on FMQs.


  3. All the things you claim are a failing on the SNP’s part start from where it begins and that is was I Minster where labour vote either with the Tories or havens got the balls to vote at all. Cuts, cuts and more cuts passed on to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who in turn have to make cuts on many things.

    So yes things are not as they should be in a very rich country like the Uk but then again working class and the poor shouldn’t be paying for Tory tax cuts for their rich friends and family who in turn send it off to Panama for along holiday in the sun.

    What is the point in having a Tory party in Scotland we already have one and they bothe sing from the same hymn sheet and it’s the same with Labour and the LibDems. You can put Scottish before the name of any party but it doesn’t make them Scottish it makes them look stupid when they go out and campaign in elections because they cannot tell the people that they are a different party from the one they hate so much in Westminster and who is causing untold suffering to millions of Scots.

    And one other thing do you know that biggest success story of the Tory government is not their record on the NHS, education, health, housing or transport their greatest success in food banks, clothes banks and fuel banks.


  4. Dean 3rd jan 6:39am

    “A & E the waiting times are huge, and completely unacceptable”

    It is obviously assumed that you are talking about Scottish NHS and you definitely are delusional.

    Try this article for a reality check


    That is the Red Cross being called in because your Tory Government is failing miserably.

    Try getting your facts right and don’t do a ‘Ruthie’ and refer to another countries issues instead of our own.

    As for PISA well I’ve already referred you to that false peice of analysis.

    Trains, thats National Rail for you, again run by the Tories.
    Rail fares are always going to be higher under a privatised system it’s what one does when one has a monopoly.

    If you are going to put yourself out there as a blogger at least have the decency to make fair comment instead of being counterproductive like your namesake “effie”. She at least does not pretend to be fair and balanced.


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