SNP Budget: broken eggshells

Higher taxes, higher unemployment, falling education standards exposes a decade of drift under the SNP.

MacKay set on undermining job creation

“The consequence of that has been the loss of 10,000 jobs and the closure of 1,644 shops in the last seven years. That there are so many gap-toothed high streets in Scotland is a visual reminder of the effect of these tax rises.” -David Lonsdale

The SNP’s decision to double the business rates charge has undermined and harmed jobs creation and growth in our economy, that is the message coming from David Lonsdale of the Scottish Retail Consortium. And the statistics do seem to back him up.

While the business rates surcharge has been doubled by the SNP from 1.3% to 2.6% Scotland has seen unemployment growth by 14,000; leaving Scotland with a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the country.

Add into this the deep uncertainty being generated by the SNPs mentality that “constitutional crisis is a good thing” we begin to see the fallout. In their pursuit for their utopian dreams of separation, they’re prepared to sacrifice jobs creation, economic competitiveness and higher joblessness.

One is reminded of George Orwell, and his discussion about the notion of ‘a price worth paying’ in pursuit of a revolution. “Where” Orwell asked, “is the omelette?” Where is their success? After all it isn’t hard to point out the broken eggshells that litter the Scottish political, social and cultural map. The broken eggshells include, as mentioned, higher unemployment than elsewhere in Britain. It is higher taxes, less jobs creation, weaker growth and collapsing education standards and outcomes. These devastating eggshells have all been deemed a ‘price worth paying’ in the SNPs pursuit of their constitutional revolution – the break-up of the United Kingdom.

The SNPs cultural amnesia is being laid bare.  They have learnt nothing from the failed socialist experiments of the past. They have forgotten that 55% of Scots rejected their ‘omelette’ only two years previous.

A brief roundup of the broken eggshells:

  • The number of Scots in work dropped by 40,000 over the three months, meaning the Scottish employment rate of 73.3 per cent is below the UK figure.
  • All the other four parties voted against a Tory motion opposing any attempt to use the new powers to hike taxes above rates seen elsewhere in the UK.
  • More Scottish middle-earners will be dragged into paying the 40p rate, meaning people could be put off from moving north of the Border.
  • Councils are understood to be bracing themselves for a further £350 million cut to their grants in the Budget despite repeated warnings to the Finance Minister this would decimate local services.

Legitimate questions need to be asked of this SNPs administration of our country. How can anyone justify this litany of disasters?


  1. You really have drifted back off to the Unionist right. You will be quite aware that the Westminster government still holds all the important levers. That’s you, the Tories. The Scottish government’s position has been made quite clear by Keen QC.
    Are you really maintaining the line that May, Johnson, Fox, Davis et al are better than an attempt at Scottish independence?
    There are things that could be done by a real Scottish government, with whatever composition we vote for, that Holyrood can’t do, and Westminster will not do.
    I am still in agreement with Bevan about Tories.
    To make the omellete you actually have to control the eggs.
    Right now your friends in London do that.


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