Trump is a racist, let me say it in two languages…

You know it is game over when a leading, highly respected, latina GOP supporting CNN commentator decides enough Trump is enough.


Ana Navarro is a Republican supporting commendator on CNN. CNN is the USA’s version (loosely) of the BBC. Well known for being the ultimate ‘centre of the road’ or ‘two sides to every story’ broadcaster. Yet despite that, Ms Navarro decided  enough was enough. She called out Trump for the sexist, misogynist, offensive bigot he is. She did it eloquently, she did it carefully. And in doing so she also defended the millions of disenfranchised; decent; moderate conservatives that have become tainted by the current – miserable – state of the GOP.

I will let you watch the clip, and decide if you agree with my assessment. It is a 58s clip, but it gives me hope. It reminds me that in the USA, there are at least some intelligent people willing to defend a better way. Willing to try and take back the GOP – the Grand Old Party – from the racist bigotry that is now consuming it.

Three cheers for Ana Navarro. CNN finest.

“He is a racist, let me say it in two languages for you…”


  1. Another effort at “Nothing to see here, look over there”.

    If you watched the debate you must have noticed Killary doing her sabre rattling against Russia. She made the point on several occasions.

    Also on Andrew Marr show there was lots of Russia Bad.

    The BritNats and the US neocons are propagandising for war against Russia and it will go nuclear. Both sides will lose.

    Russia is not the enemy. The neocons are.

    But “Nothing to see here, look over there” is all you’ve got?

    It’s time you got real or maybe you just like mushroom clouds?


  2. I dislike both of them.

    I understand the desperate need for ordinary people to get “something different” and the amazing popularity of Saunders on the left and Trump on the right, but I suspect it won’t end well.

    The Establishment has brought this on itself. People are looking for something not part of the mainstream, lying, cheating system which treats people at the bottom like they don’t exist.

    Most Republicans of any note appear to have disowned Trump in an effort to save their Congressional seats.

    Some came rather late to the party, though, and over something the likes of which I’ve heard in “locker rooms” in gyms on many occasions. Silly immature men bragging about what they can do to women. Who knows if it’s true. Trump is so physically repulsive, I’d be surprised.

    So perhaps a bit of an excuse from the late haters. At least the Bush family distanced itself at the beginning.

    Trump is all of the things that he was called in the video. He’s also cheap and tacky and disgusting, inexperienced, and, I think, thick. I’ve yet to hear him say anything that wasn’t a cliché, a soundbite.

    I don’t like Clinton either and I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could spit her.

    However, we have to accept that one of them will be the president and the boss of our prime minister in the near future.



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