The Pee-Wee Herman defence


When the Trump tape came to light, his first thought was to use the Pee-Wee Herman defence. ‘I might be bad, but the other guy is worse! It just is not good enough. When a candidate for the US Presidency talks of his celebrity giving him the freedom to “grab women by the pussy”, this is no longer funny. But then, was it ever?

As of this moment, the 2016 presidential election is over. Trump’s comments, his demeaning of women and minorities has reached a point where it’ll drag the GOP down with him. GOP commentators, funders, supporters & leaders need to answer this question:

What did you do when you saw the Trump tape? 

When he boasts about his celebrity power giving him carte blanche to – effectively – sexually threaten women. What did you say? What did you do? 

If you think Trump is in any way fit to be either the next president of the USA or the face of US conservatism then you need your head examined.

It is become a serious question, and one senior GOP commentators are openly fighting about. Just check out the video clips from a GOP discussion on this issue on CNN. Infighting, GOP civil war – it isn’t pretty. The bloodletting has escalated.



  1. I’m not watching 20 minutes of clips talking about Trump – this has been his media strategy from the very start. I already think he’s a very bad choice for the US electorate and I think if he survives this, nothing else could stop him if Hillary is discredited (again) over the next few weeks.

    Some GOP officials are already withdrawing their endorsements and repudiating him, as you demand. Unfortunately, this may be perceived as “establishment opposes anti-establishment option.”

    Which brings us back to – aha, I see what you did there! Focusing on the Yank jester instead of our own hard Brexit clown car crash.

    I’m not too concerned about Trump. He will not have the support of Congress nor the Supreme Court, nor all the states. That’s because the US has a system of checks and balances.


  2. Didn’t everyone already know this? He’s an odious man, vulgar cheap and stupid.

    Nothing about the tape shocked me.

    Of course, a lot of the politicians rushing to criticise him are much more worried about their own positions in the upcoming elections.

    God knows the alternative isn’t much better.

    How on earth did they come to this?

    I suspect the same way the Uk came to have a prime minister who looks, by the day, more and more like Nigel Farage.


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