Plan the vote Theresa

Theresa should plan for a fresh General Election for spring next year, after setting out her vision for the country.


Theresa May has inherited a unique moment in British history. Not merely the 2nd female PM in our history, but the person to pick up the pieces following Brexit chaos. We are a disunited kingdom, and Mrs May has the unenviable task of restoring a sense of unity and purpose to our collection of nations.

In this vein I see it as desirable for Mrs May to prepare for an early General Election for spring next year.

A year to outline her vision for Britain across the issues, and also to reveal her conceptualisation of ‘post-Brexit Britain’. This enables her to secure a resounding endorsement for her own political agenda; as opposed to making any trade-offs with Cameron’s partially deceased agenda.

Indeed what is there to fear? Mrs May can set out her stall, reveal her policy agenda for Britain then go to the country in due course to secure a better democratic mandate for her premiership. Labour is hardly a threat. Between their leadership woes, Corbyn’s electoral toxicity among centrist voters, and their imminent bankruptcy Labour is barely an opposition. If anything a spring/summer 2017 GE could cement Mrs May as PM; increase her majority & also effectively decimate the Labour opposition for a generation.

Let us be clear, Labour cannot afford to fight a GE right now. But they could hardly oppose Mrs May’s call for an early election in the Commons; given she’d be asking for a personal mandate to lead from the country.

So rare does fate bring together both a political party’s and the national democratic interests. We Tories would be mad not to capitalise on this hand. A Conservative decade under Mrs May awaits, if she has the boldness of vision to remorselessly capitalise. And if she does, she’ll have earned her affectionate nickname the ‘IronMAYden’.

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