Why ‘Stop the War’ is without decency

‘Stop the War’ writes, following Hilary Benn speech, publishing an attack on his evocation of the international brigades. Sound innocent? Don’t be fooled, this is Stop the War, and they really are utterly disreputable. They write

“Benn does not even seem to realise that the jihadist movement that ultimately spawned Daesh [IS] is far closer to the spirit of internationalism and solidarity that drove the International brigades than Cameron’s bombing of Syria”[1]

How anyone with any genuine empathy (either with humanity or the left of politics) can compare those who stood up to Franco’s fascists on the Ebro with men hurling gay people off of roofs to their deaths in Raqa is beyond belief. Your belief, my belief, any decent person’s belief. It is so extreme that it negates any moral let alone personal engagement.

Stop the War, from this moment on, are to my mind scum. A strong word, but in this case apt. This all follows their article published following Paris (when the blood was still wet) that France brought Paris on themselves. To hell with ‘Stop the War’, and to hell with Jeremy Corbyn for promoting this hateful, terrorist sympathising organisation.




[1] Quotation by ‘Stop the War’ taken from Dan Hodges Telegraph column

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