SNP slashing college provision

The SNP seem to be successfully avoiding scrutiny of their shocking record on Scottish college provision. So I thought I’d simply outline some facts. They can (and will) speak for themselves

  • Reduced teaching hours

Under the SNP government there has been a significant reduction in the number of teaching hours in Scottish colleges. The hours of learning delivered by colleges fell from 83.4 million to 73.7 million. The time period for those figures are 2009/10-2012/13. This cut in teaching hours is happening on the SNPs watch.

  • Staff job losses

The total number of staff employed in Scottish colleges during the same time period witnessed a drop from 20,686 to 13,761. It seems the SNPs opposition to ‘austerity’ isn’t all that objective. In fact, it seems like they really only dislike austerity when someone else is doing it. But I’m sure they will find some excuse to blame the Tories for these job losses in colleges under their watch.

  • Fewer college places for learners

There were 238,805 Scottish college students in the academic year 2012-13, down from 347,336 in 2009-10. Need I elaborate on this fact? Fewer students are learning in our colleges because of reduced access. All under the SNPs watch in Edinburgh.

To summarise: under the SNP Scotland has seen college job losses, cuts to college places for learners, and slashed teaching hours. Does anyone really still believe their opposition to austerity?

—-Source: Scotsman newspaper 15th July 2014

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