What has the coalition ever done for me?

What are my top ten reasons for wanting to #VoteTory in #GE2015?

1. Fastest economic growth in G8
2. Lowest unemployment ever, according to records.
3. Growing manufacturing industry (it collapsed under New Lab faster than under Thatcher!)
4. Equal marriage (means a lot to me)
5. Raised the personal tax allowance (letting millions of lowest earners keep more of their money)
6. Halved the rate at which we’re borrowing (not enough, but better than Lab who nearly destroyed our economy)
7. Devolving significant tax powers to Holyrood
8. Thousands of more doctors and nurses
9. Increased tax take from the richest (without resorting to punitive tax rates)
10. Has restored the principle of controlled immigration

All of which has convinced me to vote to keep Osborn as chancellor, and DC as PM.

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